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Hassle-Free AML/CTF Identity Verification

Easily ramp up KYC/AML management solution. Ensure a smooth, safe, and secure experience. Leverage our back-end tools to manage applicants, process change requests, and comply with requirements.

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Automated KYC/AML APIs

Integrated assessment of anti-money laundering, counter-terrorism financing, risk assessment, risk scoring and risk rating of customers backed by Cynopsis Artemis.

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Customizable User Experience

As a part of the INTELid KYC experience we provide a customizable front-end, where your future token holders can register and submit their details for your token sale.

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Whitelisting ETH Addresses

Whitelist the ETH addresses your customers provide during registration and allow them to safely purchase during your ICO.

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Security & Compliance

INTELid KYC is compliant with GDPR, which means the personal data is handled according to data privacy laws across all EU member countries. INTELid technology is SSL protected and two-way encrypted. Audited by Cure+53.

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EU GDPR Compliance

INTELid utilizes the European information protection orders as the gauge for its information security compliance internationally. Effective May, 2018 every single important advance to fulfill GDPR compliance have been accomplished. INTELid’s information security compliance program is appropriate to all classes of individual information, including personal data, document ID and whitelisting addresses.


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