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INTELid© is the future of tokenized securities, securitized tokens, asset-backed tokens,
currency tokens, and even utility tokens. 
A decentralized regulatory compliant suite of solutions designed to help raise capital, invest capital and trade tokens and cryptocurrencies safely, confidentially, legally, globally.
The future of decentralized compliance solutions is now. Look for us shortly on all social media to learn about the drop date

INTELid© provides a fast, easy, and cost-effective method of compliance for companies seeking to verify their investors as accredited investors. At the same time, our platform gives those same investors peace of mind that their information is confidential and protected.

Using INTELid© constitutes taking “reasonable steps” and shields companies from the potential risks of noncompliance, including enforcement action and the possibility of having to return funds to disgruntled investors. We wanted something that’s good for both the company and its investors.


How does it work?

Decentralized AML & KYC Solutions

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Other Counterparties
Transact directly with third-parties on a confidential, anonymous basis
Financial Institutions
Facilitate loans, and other banking transactions with confidence
Token Issuers
Invest in new issue tokens without having to divulge personal data
Trade on exchanges with confidence that your personal data is safe
This is You.
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         This is          .
A decentralized ecosystem where you own and control your verified data.
Share your verified data when you want. Share as much as you want. Share only with whom you want.