The Best KYC Solutions in One Easy-To-Use
KYC Compliance System Online

Know Your Customer (KYC) is a strict requirement for many businesses – MSBs, Virtual Currency Exchanges, and more. You need to know your customer because the government mandates it, and you need to know your customer because the future of your business depends on it. After all, your business is based on attracting and retaining more good customers every day. And, digital channels definitely provide you with access to more customers — more good and bad. The trick is being able to weed out the fraudsters, stolen identities, and synthetic identities that often come with the good prospects you need to continue running your business.

The good news is that IdentityMind offers the best KYC compliance solutions — an easy-to-deploy KYC solution online that allows you decide whether you want to trust the person on the other end of the transaction.

The ldentityMind platform provides you with an automated customer onboarding process supported by a global online identity verification service that allows you to verify customer data using multiple KYC onboarding tests, build and risk score digital identities to ensure anti-money laundering (AML) compliance, combined with new account fraud prevention.

Our identity verification service API provides you with access to more than 20 identity data verification vendors and multiple identity checks, from name and address verification through to ID document verification. Our eDNA technology leverages machine learning to build identities and analyze them for the most accurate reputation score (risk profile} possible. Plus, we enable you to modify your risk process on the fly, adding in additional KYC checks where merited, so you can show the good guys the fast lane and the bad guys the exits.

Use the ldentityMind platform as your main identity verification system, fraud prevention solution, for onboarding KYC, and as a KYC compliance system, or use our IdentityLink API to layer our capabilities on your existing platform.



Efficiently Onboard Customers

Show your best customers the fast lane and provide additional checks for unknown individuals.Through our API, we provide one place to for you to integrate with 20+ vendors to validate provided information. Using our Identity Network, we can tell you whether a prospect has been seen in the network and what their reputation is. Our eDNA engine assembles and updates and our graph intelligence provides a reputation score so you can figure out what to do next.


Know if They Are Authorized 

Using graph intelligence and machine learning, we look at user behavior across phone, email and transactions over a period of time to determine the validity of transactions over time. We’II even consider the type of chargeback involved, for instance, to detect identity theft, or vulnerable victim fraud.


Reduce Your Risk

Identify the good guys you want to do business with and bad guys you want to avoid. Our eDNA engine assembles digital identities for each entity you do business with. Using graph intelligence, we create a reputation score that allows you to assess the amount of risk you are willing to take on.


Stay Ahead of Regulations

Maintain a proactive compliance program, be ready for auditors, and stay prepared for stricter regulatory requirements.  The IdentityMind platform’s flexibility enables you to be ready to respond quickly to new legislative developments.





  • ldentity creation

  • ldentity validation

  • Real time risk scoring through machine learning

  • Automated, transaction monitoring

  • Sanctions screening

  • Document upload, verification

  • Customer white list

  • Customer black list

  • ldentity creation

  • ldentity validation

  • Real time risk scoring through machine learning

  • Automated, transaction monitoring

  • Sanctions screening

  • Document upload, verification

  • Customer white list

  • Customer black list

Trusted Digital Identities

Identity is critical to reducing risk and ensuring compliance in today’s digital financial services. Trusted digital identities help you Identify who is on the other end of the transaction and help you decide whether you should do business with them.


Trusted Digital Identities

  • Name

  • Address

  • Payments

  • DOB

  • SSN

  • Email

  • IP Geo-location

  • Device

  • Ship to Address

  • Payment Behavior

  • Black/White Lists

  • Sanction Lists

  • Document Verification

  • Social Media

  • Carrier/Mobile Data

  • Bill to Address

  • Account Validation

  • Graph Intelligence

Trusted digital identities are digital identities that are analyzed to verify identity, to identify the most recent information and known associates, and to ultimately risk score the identity. The result is an evaluation based on the most recent picture of the entity in question.