Enhance Fraud Prevention Through Better KYC Compliance for Your Business

The IdentityLink API is built on IdentityMind’s patented eDNA™ engine. It leverages trusted digital identities to provide real-time access to:

  • Fraud prevention: account origination, account takeover, payment fraud prevention

  • Identity reputation: leverage IdentityMind’s digital identity reputation network

  • Risk score: machine learning score based off complexity of the entity graph


Reduce Fraud

IdentityMind’s 50+ attribute identity building capabilities enable you to make higher confidence risk assessments.

Machine Learning

Continual improvements and more targeted risk assessment as system learns from your data

Quick Deployment

Save time and money through plug and play entity link analysis and machine learning solution

Fraud Prevention 

Account origination, account takeover, payment fraud prevention


Identity Reputation

Leverage IDM digital identity reputation network

Risk Score

Machine learning score based off complexity of the entity graph


Real time based to retrieve risk score, graph stats, reputation, and actual graph


Leverage IdentityMind’s Trusted Digital Identities reputation values to expedite trusted users and detect suspicious users before they transact.

Detect when users may be related to terrorism, human trafficking, drug cartels, through their network of affiliations.

Good Users transact without fraud 99.4% of the time.

Suspicious Users are rejected 80% of the time

Bad Users are rejected 94% of the time

Applying machine learning to the Identity Graph ensures good users aren’t flagged, reducing manual reviews by 30%

Evaluate the graph against the relationship to nefarious organizations through social networks, dark web, and private databases.


Detect hidden connections in groups of customers and aggregate individual’s activities even when using multiple accounts.

  • Multiple accounts: Customer with more than one account

  • Log-ins: Customer logging into more than one account, or multiple people login into one account

  • Layering: Customer layering funds through multiple accounts


Trusted Digital Identities

  • Name

  • Address

  • Payments

  • DOB

  • SSN

  • Email

  • IP Geo-location

  • Device

  • Ship to Address

  • Payment Behavior

  • Black/White Lists

  • Sanction Lists

  • Document Verification

  • Social Media

  • Carrier/Mobile Data

  • Bill to Address

  • Account Validation

  • Graph Intelligence

Trusted digital identities are digital identities that are analyzed to verify identity, to identify the most recent information and known associates, and to ultimately risk score the identity. The result is an evaluation based on the most recent picture of the entity in question.


Reduce Transactional Fraud by

Reduce Manual Review of Transactions by



Reduce Manual Review Time by


Reduce Onboarding Fraud by




Teach the System

Upload three months of transaction history with final designations (good, reject due to fraud, chargebacks), and the system will analyze them to identify which parameters and attributes are associated with which type of transactions.

Upload Black Lists

Upload your current black lists to automatically reject those users.

Fill ROI Calculator

Calculate the ROI that you’ll receive by using the Entity Link API


Receive Score Report

Report on each transaction.

Receive Configuration Report

Detailed information on how to set up the system to optimize it for your use case.

Try it for a Month

Use the EntityLink API for 30 days. Get API access to Risk Score, Graph Stats, Entity Reputation, and Actual Graph.


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