Accelerated Fintech Compliance and Powerful Online Fraud Prevention Tools


In all digital financial services businesses, you not only need to comply with AML regulations, but you also need to manage fraud to ensure that your bottom line stays above water. And, you also need to provide proof of anti-money laundering (AML) and fraud risk compliance to regulators. lt is impossible to meet these needs with manual systems because they can’t keep up with the speed of digital transactions and customer expectations — and the cost of trying is skyhigh. Using the wrong RegTech solution means that you are only addressing part of the problem with some of the data at your disposal, or you are cobbling together a bunch of disparate solutions and, in essence, becoming a custom software shop.

What if there was another way? With ldentityMind, there is. Get our award winning, all-in-one fraud risk management and compliance platform with patented technology proven to reduce your transactional fraud by as much as 60% and your onboarding fraud by as much as 90%. Use what you need knowing that the rest of the solution is ready for you when you need it. Our fraud risk compliance solution is the most comprehensive available on the market today, enabling you to stay compliant with AML regulations while also ensuring that your fraud risk is as low as possible.



Account Fraud Prevention, KYC, Sanctions Screening, Transaction Monitoring, Case Management, Alerts/Notifications.

Patented Fraud Prevention

Trusted Digital ldentities with over 50 attributes to reduce risk and fraud.

Reduced Risk Through Network Effect

Access to ldentityMind Reputation database with over 180+ million identities worldwide and growing.

One Contract, Multiple Data Resources
Pre-integrated access to third-party ecosystem.


Fraud Prevention

  • Prevent account and transactional fraud

  • Digital ldentities

  • Global identity validation

  • Risk scoring through machine learning



  • Pre-integrated data validation providers

  • KYC Reporting


Sanctions Screening

  • Built-ln SAR filing

  • Proprietary lists

  • Social network, deep and dark web data


Transaction Monitoring

  • Automated, continuous monitoring

  • Rules for automated approval, decline based on scoring

  • Send to manual review


Case Management

  • Manage all risk information associated with fraud and money laundering

  • Create a case when manual review is required


Alerts & Notifications

  • Alert your agents to let them know when review needed


Trusted Digital Identities

  • Name

  • Address

  • Payments

  • DOB

  • SSN

  • Email

  • IP Geo-location

  • Device

  • Ship to Address

  • Payment Behavior

  • Black/White Lists

  • Sanction Lists

  • Document Verification

  • Social Media

  • Carrier/Mobile Data

  • Bill to Address

  • Account Validation

  • Graph Intelligence

Trusted digital identities are digital identities that are analyzed to verify identity, to identify the most recent information and known associates, and to ultimately risk score the identity. The result is an evaluation based on the most recent picture of the entity in question.



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