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Enterprise Fraud Management and Regulatory Compliance Services

RegTech Compliance and Fraud Management have been a part of your business for a long time. And identity is key to reducing your risk. However, traditional ways of understanding the risk of doing business with the entity on the other end of the transaction tend to be flawed. An over reliance on static identity information opens you up for higher fraud. You have all the systems and processes in place, but high manual process costs have you wondering how you can lower your expenses. And, new machine learning technologies make you wonder whether you can improve your results.

IdentityMind can help. We designed our RegTech compliance platform with digital identities at the center. Our trusted digital identity platform enables you to reduce your risk and improve your compliance efficiency faster. And, with an API-based SaaS platform, IdentityMind brings machine learning for RegTech compliance and automation to your risk and/or compliance processes — without the need to replace your current systems.


Patented Digital Identity Engine

IdentityMind’s eDNA creates identities, verifies the information, and provides highly accurate reputation scores. Machine Learning helps discover the patterns that are the key to better results. And, because eDNA creates identity assets, you can add to/ update the profile and reputation as you interact with them.



Better Customer Experience

Turning up security shouldn’t mean more hurdles for your good customers. IdentityMind’s risk-based approach allows you to have an express lane for good prospects, and run additional checks for suspicious or unknown prospects.


Works with What You Have

Get access to all IdentityMind capabilities via standards-based REST API. Pick and choose the capabilities you need to fit with your in-place systems.


Secure Solution

IdentityMind does not store any PII. All data is encrypted in transit and storage so that the original information cannot be discovered even if the digital identity is discovered.



IdentityMind is a GDPR-ready data processor that fits into your new or existing GDPR-compliance process. Using IdentityMind will help your GDPR compliance. We offload some of your compliance and risk processes and their associated data.



  • eDNA – build digital identities using eDNA engine

  • Partner Ecosystem – ecosystem of 30+ partners to gather insights on all user attributes – e.g. ID Data, Device/IP, Email Reputation, Doc Validation, Biometrics, Social Networks

  • Reputation – calculated in real time using machine learning, graph intelligence – looks at user attributes, attribute relationships,  Digital Identities Network and delivers Trusted, Suspicious Digital classification

  • Business Relevant Information – collect and associate additional user information for KYC


  • Transaction Monitoring – automated, continuous monitoring; rules for automated approval, decline based on scoring; send to manual review

  • Generate Alerts – risk-based approach, user-centric alerts, historical deviation (IQR)

  • Investigate Alerts –  time series anomaly detection, transaction history, transfers, customer vs. group, historical view (IQR)

  • Review Alerts – analyst-optimized view, customizable filters


  • Sanctions Lists – integrated with many sanctions lists in multiple formats

  • Updates – frequently updated lists (e.g., in real-time or at specified interval based on list)

  • Applicability Configuration – set lists that are applicable to a country or transaction

  • Matching Algorithms – compare names, addresses, countries, business names etc.

  • Fuzzy Matching – near matches, exact matches, phonetic matches

  • Tuning Capabilities – set thresholds for results of matching algorithm

  • Continuous Monitoring – define interval at which a group or all active users are re-scanned

  • Real-time and Batch Scan – real-time (during KYC) or batch scans


  • Digital Identity Verification – Is this a real person? Is this a synthetic identity? Does the PII provided belong to this person? Can we do business with this person?

  • Staged KYC – risk-based approach balances customer experience with needed due diligence

  • Risk Profiles – risk profiles to separate KYC rules for customer risk, products, regions etc.

  • Global ID Verification – ability to perform global digital identity verification


  • Analyze identities in real time

  • Prevent account and transactional fraud

  • Leverage digital identities

  • Global identity validation

  • Risk scoring through machine learning


  • Alert your team to let them know when review needed

  • Manage all risk information associated with fraud and money laundering

  • Create a case when manual review is required

  • Control and configure periodic rescreening of customers

  • Flag new matches — one that was not previously investigated and ruled out as a false positive.




Through eDNA, IdentityMind has the most accurate reputation scoring, allowing you to identify trusted users faster, and ultimately with more confidence, than any other platform.



The IdentityMind network securely shares identities, allowing you to understand a users reputation before doing business with them.



One solution for Payments, and Risk Management, that provides you with access to 30+ data verification partners.



IdentityMind allows you to perform risk and compliance processes around the world. We are also GDPR-ready so that we can fit into your GDPR-compliant process.



Webinar: State of the Money Transfer Industry

Join Hugo Cuevas-Mohr, Director at IMTC Conferences and Mohr World Consulting; Fernando Fayzano, CEO at Pontual Money Services; and Jose Caldera (moderator) VP of Products at IdentityMind Global in discussing:

– The top of mind issues that are keeping Industry leaders busy (and up at night) in 2017
– AML and Fraud Prevention: strengthening your processes through technology
– De-Risking: What’s in store for the year ahead?
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