Superior AML

IdentityMind 2.0 offers next-gen anti-money laundering solutions and identity verification solutions that allow you to find trusted digital identities quickly and easily while adhering to AML compliance.


 IdentityMind’s 2.0 platform is focused around allowing you to adjust your processes for more trusted users and less trusted users that could be using false or synthetic identities that you can identify through the use of IdentityMind’s identity verification products. With our anti-money laundering solutions, you’ll spend less time on suspicious users while showing your trusted users the fast lane with our identity verification solutions online. Approach favored by regulators.




Risk-Based Approach Improves Productivity

IdentityMind2.0 allows you to apply more hurdles to suspicious users while showing trusted users the fast lane. The result is fewer alerts where you don’t need them, the right amount where you do need them and less time spent chasing them down.


Contextual Analysis Provides Greater Accuracy

IdentityMind compares identities, evaluates the risk of the identity’s country of origin, and considers situation and environment. Because the system can consolidate a broad range of signals and orchestrate its analysis into a consistent model, the result is more accurate risk assessment.

Dynamic Modeling Is Risk-Based Approach on Steroids

IdentityMind takes a continuous approach beyond the initial KYC event. This approach recognizes that a user’s risk profile changes over time. And, as the IdentityMind platform learns more, group risk models evolve too.


Transparency Speeds Set-Up and Understanding

Custom solutions focus resources on building and testing instead of compliance, and can often lag on helping users arrive at insights. Our standards-based platform, is highly configurable, allowing you to select what you need and enabling you to get started as soon as possible.

Key Capabilities

Building Digital Identities

  • eDNA – build digital identities using eDNA engine

  • Partner Ecosystem – ecosystem of 30+ partners to gather insights on all user attributes – e.g. ID Data, Device/IP, Email Reputation, Doc Validation, Biometrics, Social Networks

  • Reputation – calculated in real time using machine learning, graph intelligence – looks at user attributes, attribute relationships,  Digital Identities Network and delivers Trusted, Suspicious Digital classification

  • Business Relevant Information – collect and associate additional user information for KYC

KYC Plugin

  • Plug and Play – embeddable web plugin that provides all the functionality and user experience for customer onboarding and KYC

  • Risk Based Approach – optimized to collect relevant information per region/country and risk based approach to perform CDD/EDD

  • Configurability – highly customizable to match look and feel of client websites

  • Image Capture Capabilities – enhanced image capture capabilities allowing better document verification results and facial verification

KYC and Monitoring

  • Digital Identity Verification – Is this a real person? Is this a synthetic identity? Does the PII provided belong to this person? Can we do business with this person?

  • Staged KYC – risk-based approach balances customer experience with needed due diligence

  • Risk Profiles – risk profiles to separate KYC rules for customer risk, products, regions etc.

  • Continuous Monitoring – digital identity is continuously updated with user actions performed through client interactions and partner ecosystem e.g., sanctions, negative news etc.

  • Global ID Verification – ability to perform global digital identity verification


  • Sanctions Lists – integrated with many sanctions lists in multiple formats

  • OFAC, SDN (Regs, Evaders, Global Terrorism, Narcotics), U.S. Dept. of State, FinCEN US PEP Lists – US, Canada, Europe etc., Regional Lists – Countries, IMF, World Bank etc.

  • Updates – frequently updated lists (e.g., in real-time or at specified interval based on list)

  • Applicability Configuration – set lists that are applicable to a country or transaction

  • Matching Algorithms – compare names, addresses, countries, business names etc.

  • Fuzzy Matching – near matches, exact matches, phonetic matches

  • Tuning Capabilities – set thresholds for results of matching algorithm

  • Continuous Monitoring – define interval at which a group or all active users are re-scanned

  • Real-time and Batch Scan – real-time (during KYC) or batch scans


Transaction Monitoring

ldentityMind processes transactions in real time -everything from applications in on boarding processes to purchase transactions


Sets thresholds for accepted transactions, rejected transactions and transactions that require further evaluation

Case Management

Automatically activates case management for transactions that require further review by your


Uses event-driven alerts to notify the team of the need to respond to cases, and of other activity


“IdentityMind’s Version 2.0 platform provides a risk and digital identity-based solution that helps determine the appropriate risk level of each user,” said Julie Conroy, Research Director for Aite Group’s Retail Banking & Payments practice. “In doing so, IdentityMind helps businesses protect against illicit activities, provide actionable insights into their AML program, realize greater operational efficiencies, and meet regulatory requirements.”



Julie Conroy, Research Director for Aite Group’s Retail Banking & Payments practice

Trusted Digital Identities

Identity is critical to reducing risk and ensuring compliance in today’s digital financial services. Trusted digital identities help you Identify who is on the other end of the transaction and help you decide whether you should do business with them.


Trusted Digital Identities

  • Name

  • Address

  • Payments

  • DOB

  • SSN

  • Email

  • IP Geo-location

  • Device

  • Ship to Address

  • Payment Behavior

  • Black/White Lists

  • Sanction Lists

  • Document Verification

  • Social Media

  • Carrier/Mobile Data

  • Bill to Address

  • Account Validation

  • Graph Intelligence

Trusted digital identities are digital identities that are analyzed to verify identity, to identify the most recent information and known associates, and to ultimately risk score the identity. The result is an evaluation based on the most recent picture of the entity in question.