Fraud Management Solutions Through the IdentityMind Digital Identity Platform

Superior Fraud Prevention for Merchants, Financial Services Companies, and Payment Service Providers


The balance between best experience and least fraud is tough to find. Too much risk means fraud and chargebacks that can hurt your bottomline. Too much security means fewer customers and more unhappy customers. What’s the balance for the best online fraud detection? Knowing who’s on the other end of the transaction is the best start, and IdentityMind helps you get there.

IdentityMind lets you see who’s on the other end of the transaction so you can identify the good guys you want to do business with and the bad guys that you want to avoid. And, using digital identities powered by eDNA™ technology, you can get a more accurate picture of risk to enable better customer selection and fewer rejections of good customers. eDNA leverages machine learning to build trusted digital identities and analyze identities for the most accurate reputation score (risk profile) possible. Our algorithms provide reputations for each entity tailored for the industry in which you do business. And, we enable you to modify your risk process on the fly, adding in additional checks where merited.


Configure Risk 

Protect against fraud, identity theft, fraud rings, phishing, account takeovers, and more, setting the best balance between risk and user experience.



Reduce Chargebacks

Reduce and maintain a low chargeback rate by setting your risk thresholds to match your business needs.

Reduce Ops Costs

Automated transaction processing reduces the number of escalations while lowering your risk processing cost.



Any Transaction Type

Prevent fraud associated with online payment transactions through eDNA™ across any payment type from credit cards, ACH, digital wallets, bank accounts, wires, etc.

  • Stop onboarding fraud

  • Stop transaction fraud

  • Digital identity creation

  • Identity validation

  • Real time risk scoring through machine learning

  • Rules based transaction monitoring

  • Configurable rules for optimal process

  • Case management for escalations

  • Event-driven alerts

  • Automated compliance processes

  • Compliance reports

  • Rest API for easy to use, standards-based access

  • 20+ data services, one API

  • Access to ldentityMind network of over 200 million identities


1. Trusted Digital Identities

IdentityMind’s eDNA(TM) builds and analyzes digital identities so you can see who’s on the other end of the transaction and decide what to do in real time.


4. Rules Engine

The IdentityMind platform includes a rules engine so you can set transaction acceptance and rejection thresholds. Determine when you want to send a transaction to be reviewed by your analysts.



2. IdentityLink Analysis

Our eDNA correlates the attributes (50+) within an identity, taking into account changes over time. And it also discovers relationships with other identities.


5. Many Data Services, One API

IdentityMind allows you to verify user provided data to determine it validity. We integrate with a wide variety of third parties to verify name, address, phone number, TIN, SSN, IP address, email, documents and more.


3. Identity Reputation

IdentityLink Analysis also provides a reputation score that reflects the latest information about an entity and gives you a basis for trust decisions.


6. Identity Network

Our identity network lets you see who’s on the other end of the transaction, even if you haven’t seen them before, if they’ve transacted with another IdentityMind customer. Encryption ensures that privacy across all the identities on our network.


Identity is critical to reducing risk and ensuring compliance in today’s digital financial services. Trusted digital identities help you Identify who is on the other end of the transaction and help you decide whether you should do business with them.


Trusted Digital Identities

  • Name

  • Address

  • Payments

  • DOB

  • SSN

  • Email

  • IP Geo-location

  • Device

  • Ship to Address

  • Payment Behavior

  • Black/White Lists

  • Sanction Lists

  • Document Verification

  • Social Media

  • Carrier/Mobile Data

  • Bill to Address

  • Account Validation

  • Graph Intelligence

Trusted digital identities are digital identities that are analyzed to verify identity, to identify the most recent information and known associates, and to ultimately risk score the identity. The result is an evaluation based on the most recent picture of the entity in question.