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This is you

This is your identity

Token Issuers

Invest in new issue tokens without having to divulge personal data

to multiple, unrelated parties.


Trade on exchanges with confidence that your personal data is safe.

Facilitate loans, and other banking transactions with confidence

Financial Institutions 
Private Transactions

Transact directly with third-parties on a confidential, anonymous basis


This is© is the future of tokenized securities, securitized tokens, asset-backed tokens, currency tokens, and even utility tokens. A decentralized regulatory compliant suite of solutions designed to help raise capital, invest capital and trade tokens and cryptocurrencies safely, confidentially, legally, globally.© provides a fast, easy platform to bring investors together with issuers, exchanges and other fiduciaries, while providing those businesses with a cost-effective method of satisfying compliance obligations when seeking to on-board clients or verify their investors as accredited investor*. Today is the only company to offer a Digital Identity token designed to help facilitate financial transactions. 
*This service, if and when available, is through serviced third-party providers and billed separately by that provider

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