For Issuers Seeking to On-board Investors: How to Verify an Investor

(including US and non-US Investors)

Quickly and Easily Verify your Investors
The Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act mandates that in the case of generally-solicited, Reg D, Rule 506(c) offerings, investors can no longer self-certify as accredited investors through a questionnaire or subscription agreement. Companies and funds must now take additional, reasonable steps to obtain proof of an investor’s accreditation. INTELid makes that process simple, fast and secure, providing investor verification reviewed by licensed attorneys to help meet all compliance requirements.
Getting Started
Meeting AML and KYC obligations, and Validating an investor’s status with INTELid is fast and easy. To create your Issuer Account, simply provide your name as a principal or officer of the issuer, the issuer legal entity name, an email address and a password. It typically takes just a few minutes to start the process of simply and affordably performing AML, KYC identification due diligence (and Accredited Investor verification where required).
Requesting Verification
Once your INTELid Issuer Account has been created, you can immediately begin the due diligence and verification processes by entering the email address of each potential investor you need reviewed and validated.  Verification is available on an individual investor basis, or you can pre-pay a discounted rate for bundled verification credits, retaining any unused credits for future verification. All verification provided by INTELid are 100% compliant with regulatory requirements for AML, KYC and investor validations.
The INTELid Review and Verification System
Once your INTELid service order has been placed, you’ll receive an email confirmation, and your potential investor(s) will receive email instructions guiding them through the process of getting reviewed and verified. This process typically takes about five minutes and consists of answering some simple questions and uploading (or photographing with their mobile device or tablet) documentation to support their answers. After we’ve obtained all required information, a licensed attorney will begin the investor verification process. This part of the process is usually completed within one or two business days.
INTELid will update you throughout this process, with emails keeping you apprised at each stage. If an investor fails to receive accreditation, you will be notified by email. If an investor is verified, you will receive a signed attorney’s letter confirming that a complete analysis has been performed following appropriate regulatory guidelines.  Track the status of all of your pending investor AML, KYC and verification with our user-friendly compliance portal and dashboard  
Privacy and Security
Meeting compliance obligations as an issuer and conducting an accredited investor review that meets all regulatory requirements may occasionally mean an investor will be asked to provide sensitive information. While this may make some investors uncomfortable, you can assure them that INTELid utilizes the most secure, private and confidential verification process available. Each step in that process was specifically designed to provide the utmost in security, so your investors can trust that even their most sensitive information will be protected through highly encrypted processes. We will happily assist you in explaining to your investors why INTELid is the ideal solution to help investors securely and confidentially verify their identity, good standing and investor accreditation. 
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