Investors – How to Order Self-Verification

INTELid offers affordable, professional verification services for investors looking to prove their accredited investor status. Under securities laws, certain types of investments, such as generally solicited Reg D, Rule 506(c) offerings, are only available to accredited investors. With INTELid, you can obtain self-verification quickly, confidentially, and cost-effectively.

Speedy Verification Process

Creating an investor account with INTELid is easy and secure. All we ask you for is your name, an entity name (if you are investing through an entity), email, and password. We accept PayPal and all major credit cards. After you’ve signed up, we’ll ask you a few questions about how you qualify as an accredited investor. We’ll then ask you to upload (or take a picture, if you’re on a tablet or mobile device) evidence supporting your answers. It’s an annoying process, but it’s required by law. Don’t trust other services that claim you don’t have to provide this information. With VINTELid, you can expect your verification to be completed according to federal law requirements. Our user interface makes it as painless as possible. Most investors can complete the verification process in less than 5 minutes.

Secured Information

As part of the verification process, we might need to ask you for some private and sensitive information. Of course, we understand that it can be a little frightening to disclose your confidential information. That’s why we built a system that focuses on privacy and security above all else. We analyzed every step of the verification process and made it as secure and confidential for investors as we could. Our security and confidentially standards are more stringent than any other method of accredited investor verification. Learn more about our security standards here: With INTELid, investors can also easily black out personal information that they believe is extra sensitive (or add notes and highlight information if they want to draw information to the reviewers’ attention). We built INTELid because we weren’t able to find another verification system that we trusted enough to use ourselves or to recommend to our friends and colleagues.

Prompt Notifications

Provided that all necessary information has been uploaded, you'll receive notice of verification in 1-2 business days. In the case of a successful verification, you’ll get an attorney’s letter certifying that you have been verified as an accredited investor pursuant to standards required by federal laws. If additional information is required for verification, we’ll send you an email asking for the necessary data. You can also keep track of all your verification requests, whether they are self-certification orders or issuer-requested orders by visiting your visitor dashboard. If you’re an active investor, it’s easy to use our dashboard and labeling system to keep track of multiple verification requests.